Plan4Surgery: Advance Care Planning (ACP) for the Perioperative Physician


Plan 4 Surgery: ACP for the Perioperative Clinician November 11, 2016
Time Action Speaker/Facilitators
7:30 8:00 Registration and Coffee
8:00 8:15 Welcome Debra Leung
8:15 8:45 AMA ACP Have the Conversation Survey: An Interactive Session James Cameron
8:45 9:00 AMA ACP Have the Conversation Survey: What have we learnt James Cameron
Advance Care Planning: The nuts and bolts
9:00 09:15 Contextualising ACP: A Case Study Mohammed Ballal
09:15 09:30 The role of ACP in the perioperative setting Debra Leung
09:30 09:45 The role of the perioperative clinician in ACP Debra Leung
09:45 10:00 Current status of ACP in Victoria Karen Detering
10:00 10:30 The legislative framework surrounding ACP Claire McNamara
10:30 10:45 Morning Tea/Coffee
10:45 11:30 A Panel Discussion: Q & A style – ACP the Victorian context
The Austin Experience Karen Detering
The Surgeon’s Experience Mohammed Ballal
The Intensivist’s Experience Rohit D’Costa
The Nurse’s Experience Lachlan Bell
The Institutional Experience Katherine Walsh
The Anaesthetist’s Experience Janette Wright
11:30 12:00 Consumer Perspectives on ACP Danny Vadasz
12:00 1:00 A New Approach to ACP in the Perioperative Setting
A simple communications model: The 6 questions approach Dr Charlie Corke
1:00 1:45 Lunch
1:45 3:45 ACP for the Perioperative Clinician put into practice- Facilitated role plays with actors
3:45 4:00 Afternoon Tea/Coffee
4:00 4:30 Tips on Implementing an ACP initiative – Facilitated small group discussions Zoe Austin Crowe, Karen Detering, Charlie Corke, Danny Vadasz, Jo-Anne Slee
4:30 5:00 AMA ACP Have the Conversation Survey Repeated Debra Leung
5:00 5:30 Summary and Questions Debra Leung, Hilmy Ismail