Plan-4-Surgery: Advance Care Planning (ACP) for the Perioperative Physician

This workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to communicate effectively with patients about their values and beliefs in the context of upcoming surgery. This paves the way for further Advance Care Planning (ACP) discussions. Given we are seeing increasing complex surgery being performed in high risk patients with multiple comorbidities, this is an area of importance facing all clinicians involved in the care of perioperative patients. This workshop will help to facilitate these difficult conversations by providing participants with a simple communications model they can utilise in their daily practice. This is a course that will benefit any perioperative health care worker interested in implementing a shared decision making model into their workplace, where the direction of a patient’s treatment journey is jointly determined by the patient and their physician.
Friday, November 11th, 2016 Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre,
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre,

Join our field of experts in the area of Advance Care Planning (ACP) to learn the skills required to initiate ACP discussions with patients in the perioperative setting. This innovative one-day workshop will provide clinicians with the ability to conduct difficult discussions with those high risk surgical patients who, despite the very best in care, may go on to develop complications in the perioperative period.

Participants will gain insights from our multidisciplinary panel of experts including Associate Professor Charlie Corke (Developer of the “Enough is Enough” Program), Dr Karen Detering (Medical Lead for the Advance Care Planning Department at Austin Heath) accompanied by leaders in the medicolegal field and public health arena specific to the field of Advance Care Planning.

The morning session will cover:

  • The role of Advance Care Planning in the perioperative period
  • The Medicolegal implications of Advance Care Planning, including recent changes in the legislation
  • Barriers to implementing Advance Care Planning initiatives in the perioperative setting and how these can be overcome
  • A novel communications model that will empower clinicians to discuss Advance Care Planning with patients in the outpatient setting.

The afternoon session will focus on allowing participants to practice the communications skills they have learnt with facilitated role-plays conducted by professional actors. The high fidelity nature of this session will help clinicians gain the confidence to apply the skills they learn throughout the workshop to their individual clinical context. This session will then be complemented by the opportunity to brainstorm with our expert panel about how ACP initiatives may be brought back to their workplace.

This workshop will be of interest to any clinician who cares for patients in the perioperative period. This includes Anaesthetists, Intensive Care Physicians, Surgeons, Perioperative Nurses and Allied Health staff.

Hosted concurrent with The 5th Vital Sign: Pain Management in the Cancer Patient workshop.

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  • Full Registration (2 Days): $600.00
  • ACP Friday Workshop Registration Only (11 November): $395.00
  • Pain Saturday Workshop Registration Only (12 November): $450.00

Nursing, Allied Health, Doctors in Ttaining Registration Options*

  • Full Registration (2 Days): $300.00
  • ACP Friday Workshop Registration Only (11 November): $195.00
  • Pain Saturday Workshop Registration Only (12 November): $195.00

*Limited places available in this registration category
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