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Cardiac Complications in Patients Undergoing Major Noncardiac Surgery

Blog by: Dr.Justin Nazareth, MBBS.

Summary: Perioperative cardiac complications are a major burden on healthcare systems around the world, accounting for at least one third of perioperative deaths, a significant proportion of the perioperative complication burden and prolonging hospital stay, all of which result in increased healthcare costs. The last two decades or so have seen a wealth of original research in the literature regarding perioperative cardiac complications and this review article by Longo and colleagues seeks to summarise the large amount of published data currently available. Of note the authors discuss preoperative assessment, including the utility of natriuretic peptide levels over stress testing; the lack of evidence supporting preoperative coronary revascularization or the initiation of a number of recently studied drug therapies; and stress the need for improved postoperative monitoring including routine postoperative troponin levels for high risk patients.

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